This is where you introduce everyone to your organization's mission and goals. Explain who you are and what you would like people to do.

To replace this content, make sure you're logged in as an admin. Then click the settings icon in the bottom right corner, and select "Edit this page." Or, from your control panel, navigate to Website > Your Site > Home > Content.

To add a custom logo to your website's navigation menu, head to the Files tab for your homepage and upload an image named "logo.png". The recommended height for your logo image is 120px tall. Alternatively you can edit your website headline under the Website > Your Site > Site settings tab in your control panel.

You can also add a logo to your footer using the same approach described above, but using an image named "footer-logo.png" instead. The contact information in your footer is pulled from your nation's contact settings, found under Contacts and billing in the personalized drop down menu in your control panel (look in the top right corner).

You can also add social media links to your footer by adding a new top-level Redirect page to your website, using any of the following page names:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr

Make sure the respective redirect page is set up to point to your organization's social media page.

You can also add links to other language versions of your website to your navigation menu using a similar approach. Add a new top-level Redirect page to your website, and name it with whatever you want the language button in your navigation menu to say. Tag that Redirect page with "Language button". To learn more about managing multiple websites in your nation, click here.

Add a Featured Content Slider to your homepage under Website > Your Site > Home > Settings > Featured content sliders.

Any published page on your website tagged with "homepage" will show up as a tile below this section. Set a default thumbnail image for these tiles by uploading an image under Website > Your Site > Site settings > Logo. Be sure to do this before creating pages on your website, or you will have to manually update the thumbnail image for each page that was created previously. This image should be 1200px wide by 630px tall, and in .png format. Note this is not where you upload a logo for your website's navigation bar, see above for instructions on uploading a logo for your navigation menu.

You can also add a signup form to your homepage by making sure your site has a Primary signup page defined (under Website > Your Site > Pages > Defaults in your control panel), and then tagging your homepage with "include signup".

Learn more about working with NationBuilder websites here: